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From Rapid Application Development to building out entire software teams - SayGo Solutions does it all!  We can work with any technology platform that suits the job.

We generally work on a contractual basis, and are available for both short term and long term contracts.

Sample Clients

SayGo was contacted by an individual who had an idea for a software company, but who lacked the knowledge or resources to build actual software.  By working with SayGo Solutions's custom software design and development services, the client was able to obtain over US$10 million in venture capital.  Additionally, the client used SayGo's services to build out a complete software team and development process.

When a client urgently needed a software solution to support a project with a tight deadline, they turned to SayGo Solutions' Rapid Application Development services.  Within a period of 2 months, SayGo worked with the client to design, implement and train end-users and in-house development resources on a custom software solution.

For more information about our services, please contact us for more information.